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How can you help STOPtheFLARES?

Call for Research Papers

Please help our cause by providing primary research on the following topics:
1. What are Natural Gas Flares?
  a. Why do countries and corporations flare natural gas?
2. What impact do flaring and venting have on the environment?
3. Benefits of Natural Gas
4. What new inventions and patents exists for methane?
5. What is Fischer-Troupe and is there a better way?
6. Methane to Methanol
  a. Small footprint plants
7. Methanol Economy
8. Methanol Fuel Cells
9. Methane to Electricity
10. Methane to Methanol to Jet Fuel
11. Methane to Methanol to Gasoline
12. Methane to Methanol to Diesel

Please e-mail fredmaiden@stoptheflares.org

Call for Natural Gas Flare Photos
Send us your Flare Photos so we can post your pics on our site!

Please e-mail fredmaiden@stoptheflares.org

Please support our cause. Stop the Flares needs your help!!!

Please mail your donations to:
PO Box 701
Herndon, VA 20172

Of course, we welcome and need volunteers. To donate your time, energy and passion, please e-mail:


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