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StoptheFlares.org was founded in January of 2008 on the premise that ordinary citizens have the ability to organize, brainstorm, and discover innovative practical solutions to major world problems. We have assembled generalists, specialists, and subject matter expertise across a multidisciplinary spectrum to seek realized yet untapped and unforeseen solutions. We are also welcoming all who wish to participate to include, time, donations, research papers and general support.

We plan to eliminate the economic decision to flare natural gas by providing alternative economically completive solutions. Our goal is to seek solutions that change the value of methane so it would not be economically viable to flare. The benefits to changing the flare mindset would be:

  • Diminished micro pollution particles and acid rain pollution
  • Reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions released to the atmosphere
  • Less wasteful practices in the energy sector
  • Opportunities to provide low cost energy to people that live near flares and potentially need it the most
  • Part of mission is to get the word out. Very few individuals outside of the energy sector are aware of flaring methane gas, its harm to the environment, and the waste of energy that could be leveraged by citizens of the world and future generations to come. However, in some ways Stop the Flares is unique. We go beyond talk. We are taking action. Our research is our product. Stopping the wasteful practice of Flaring Natural Gas buy the year 2020 is our goal!

    Please click here for a special report on Nigeria.

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