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What are flares?

A flare is ignited natural gas (methane).

Flares are the result of a wasteful practice from the energy industry and other industrial pursuits. When energy companies locate oil reserves, in many cases both oil and gas are contained in the well. In many locations, natural gas can not be transported to a market. In these cases, natural gas is “in the way” and is considered “stranded.”

Stranded gas thus becomes a simple economic equation:
Does the gas have economic value, yes or no? When the answer is no the gas is “in the way” or stranded.

Stranded gas may be released directly into the atmosphere or may be ignited, thus releasing carbon gas. Currently the world flares approximately 1/4th of the United States Natural Gas Usage and 1/3rd of the European Union.1

Flares waste precious fuel! Flares increase the world’s greenhouse gas footprint.

StoptheFlares.org is dedicated to stopping the world’s flares by the year 2020. With your help and support we shall succeed.

1The World Bank: Global Gas Flaring Reduction

Methane Gas Flare
Natural Gas Flare
Methane Flare
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