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Environmental Impacts

It is undeniable that the Earth’s climate is changing. There is an obvious correlation between Carbon Dioxide levels and the planet’s temperature and it appears from the empirical data that we are approaching new CO2 atmospheric conditions that will result in unknowable potentially catastrophic impacts. However ironically, at the same time the world’s population is demanding even more energy.

In a time period such as this, why does the world choose to flare natural gas thus, releasing trapped Carbon into the atmosphere and waste the world’s precious energy resources?

However CO2 is “new school.” What happened to “old School?” Problems with POLLUTION are real and the negative effects can be seen almost immediately. Flaring Natural Gas increases micro pollution particles and also contributes to acid rain. It appears that the recent “Green Movement” has chosen not to put the issue of pollution as a priority in the environmental discussion. Stop the Flares has chosen not to forget that pollution affects our water supply, the air we breathe and rainfall on which we rely.

StoptheFlares.org is putting these issues and many other important issues forth. We are also not just talking about the issues. We are actively researching and planning for their elimination!

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